Are you good with a box cutter?

Are you good with a box cutter?

By Joshua DeLung

This morning, a group of volunteers from the ENC team met up at Fort Belvoir, Va., at the USO warehouse for a package stuffing party. Several members of our team discovered they are actually quite skilled with a box cutter (thankfully, no injuries occurred).

More important than the fun we all had is the reason behind the event — to stuff packages for the families of American men and women in uniform. The sacrifices service members and their families make are no small matter, and donating our time for them is meaningful and rewarding. At the end of the morning, ENC and volunteers from a few other D.C.-metro area companies had finished packaging enough boxes to fill several pallets. Some of us opened boxes, some of us stocked assembly lines and some of us put together packages or stuffed bags. And when it was over, we all said we’d do it again.

We owe a big thank you to the USO for running such a well-oiled machine. Scheduling the event was fast and easy, and operations on the day of the event were deliberate and methodical. What a great program! If you’re interested in volunteering, you can contact the USO Metropolitan Washington by emailing Roze Mota at

To see more photos of the ENC volunteers in action, check out our album on Facebook! And if you’re good with a box cutter, or you like giving back to the community in other ways, you can be sure you’d fit right in at ENC.

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