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EDF—Helping Nonprofits Motivate Stakeholders to Make Initiatives Successful

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How do you help organizations reach a range of stakeholders, including those they support, as well as individual contributors, corporate sponsors and other funders?


  • ENC’s end-to-end marketing services equip non-profits with budget-sensitive and effective communications assets. We help them develop brand identities — including taglines, strategic messaging, logos and visual identities — for individual initiatives or entire organizations. Often, we provide assets in the form of immediate deliverables, such as a website or membership brochure. These assets are designed so they can also be used as platforms for future communications. This allows nonprofits meet current needs now and address evolving requirements — both as limited budgets allow.
  • We also help nonprofits streamline their messaging, establish internal guidelines to maintain brand integrity and ensure the organization has a centralized approach to developing communications.
  • For the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps initiative, ENC helped the organization connect MBA students with companies interested in pursuing green initiatives by developing compelling messaging and an appealing website, coupled with a strategic outreach initiative. The students identified as much as $100,000 in potential savings through environmentally friendly practices that could be adopted by their host companies. Because it’s such a clear win-win, both students and host companies tend to be enormously enthusiastic about the Climate Corps — but only if they’re aware of it. The EDF needed an innovative way to stretch its budget and get the message out to both target audience groups. ENC helped the EDF save both time and money by delivering Climate Corps messaging as copy in website designs (rather than just as text). This accelerated the production of a new Climate Corps section on the EDF website while demonstrating the messaging within a specific communication tactic.


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