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Federal Open Source Alliance—Many Brands, Communicating to the Government as One

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How do you make a coherent presentation from an organization that consists of many distinct brands?


  • Throughout the government, many expensive, obsolete servers were being phased out. HP, Intel and Red Hat introduced an alternative with a better price, superior performance and  tight security. But for a new platform to be successful, the Federal Open Source Alliance needed to educate its risk-averse government customers on the need for transitioning to this alternative platform. Accomplishing this goal depended upon the Alliance’s ability to generate large-scale awareness of the platform, while communicating its superior value position, as a coherent group. ENC created a brand that acted as neutral territory for the Alliance members while allowing them to communicate coherently to government customers.
  • During a three-month, multichannel, integrated awareness and lead generation campaign, ENC incorporated and tested a variety of tactics to reach the target audience. Campaign elements included both online and offline advertising, as well as printed materials. The strategic campaign not only included print and online collateral, but also we worked on two microsites, branding, campaign messaging and follow-up recommendations derived from the testing metrics.



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