Two messages, one goal: to communicate your value

Two messages, one goal: to communicate your value

By Matt Arozian

In my previous post, we discussed how organizations can clearly explain their value to very different audiences. This can be achieved through parellel outreach campaigns using slightly different tactics.

An example of this in the private sector is the marketing campaign for the movie “Jerry McGuire,” which had one set of ads for women and another for men.

There are also good examples of this in the public sector.  ENC provides communication support for the OCIO at the USDA.  There are two distinct audience groups that need to understand the value of OCIO services. The first audience is the USDA itself, and by extension, Congress, which funds its overall efforts. The second is USDA’s component agencies to whom the OCIO provides IT services.

The OCIO has one message—how it used taxpayer investment and Congressional funding to develop tools and capabilities that protect USDA’s networks and directly support its business objectives.

For stakeholders concerned about oversight, we explained the OCIO’s achievements and capabilities at a very strategic level, focusing on how the organization aligns IT with USDA’s mission. For IT organizations within USDA components, the explanation was more technical, with detail on capabilities that would help them achieve their missions.

As part of the campaign, we produced two different diagrams that show how the OCIO deployed a new suite of security solutions. Why two different diagrams? Because they were intended for two different audience groups.

Neither diagram is overly complicated. The one on the top simply details how the OCIO wraps security around the entire USDA infrastructure of networks, systems, information and applications. The one on the bottom shows how the OCIO security array is structured in modules, so that basic capabilities can be flexibly assembled into higher-level solutions for USDA components. Just like the two ad campaigns for Jerry McGuire, these two visuals work in parallel to help the OCIO explain its value in terms that each of its audience groups will understand.

Once you’ve developed a consistent message that’s tuned to the concerns of your stakeholders, you’re ready to take the next big step: delivering that message at every opportunity, across every available channel to every person who influences the future of your mission.

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