How do you explain an extensive portfolio of benefits to both current and prospective members using concise and coherent communications?


  • The National Association of Corporate Directors faced brand management challenges. It offered many valuable member benefits, but different parts of the organization were all communicating on their own. As a result, NACD risked generating self-induced noise instead of building a coherent brand.
  • ENC created a new, unified NACD organization-wide brand. We evolved the association’s logo and organized all of its sub-brands into a single consolidated system. Then, we developed our work into a full set of visual brand standards, so every part of the organization could communicate in a consistent way.
  • ENC also developed a website and communications structure for NACD’s annual conference. We provided marketing support and materials to launch NACD’s mobile app. And we developed innovative direct mail campaigns and advertising that drive recruitment and services revenue.
  • Since 2009, we’ve helped NACD develop themes and graphics for events that include its annual conference. In these and other ways, we’re continuing to help the association tell the story of the breadth of benefits it offers members. Our strategic communication helps the association with recruitment and retention of members, repeatedly exposing target audiences to unified brand visuals and messaging.

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