How can program offices within government agencies clearly represent their value as they recruit employees and gain customers?


  • The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) is a customer service organization dedicated to furthering the DHS mission through acquisition excellence. OPO was created in 2004 with a staff of three people, and it has since grown to include more than 225 procurement professionals. Its rapid growth and success are in large part due to its commitment to excellent service and its core set of values. The OPO asked ENC to articulate and communicate why the OPO is a great place to work. ENC created foundational messaging and multiple communications pieces to clearly represent the office’s value, as well as tools that would help the office recruit new employees and attract new customers. The materials we produced were recognized by the IAVA (International Academy of Visual Arts), with a Silver Communicator Award. This Award of Distinction is presented by the academy for projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement.
  • ENC’s communications experts used our unique messaging development process to identify, prioritize and build a consensus for the critical elements of the OPO’s message. These were then synthesized into a  portfolio of tactical communication points that supported an umbrella message and sub-messaging within a strategic messaging framework. All of the messages were based on the organization’s vision, mission and values. A brochure, graphic illustrations, posters, and a PowerPoint presentation were developed to visually communicate the messaging. Our extensive experience with government agencies meant that our designers worked comfortably with the DHS agency requirements for graphics standards to ensure that the materials could easily be adopted and used.
  • The award-winning brochure also served as the office’s communications plan and provided an overview of the OPO’s goals, strategic priorities and services. It included messaging for internal audiences to help them learn the key communication points to use when talking about the organization. Additionally, the brochure included an overview of the Office’s values, a forward-looking plan for OPO’s future, and a timeline of significant milestones. Other supplemental, but key, components included a visually appealing organizational chart and imagery throughout that used photos of actual OPO employees.
  • After providing the OPO with a messaging foundation and brochure, we wrote and designed two additional brochures to support employee recruitment and the engagement of new or potential customers.
  • The recruitment brochure for potential hires included an overview of career opportunities and descriptions of benefits, while underlining the agency’s commitment to a meaningful work environment.

The customer-focused brochure leveraged descriptions from the parent messaging and emphasized the tagline, “Your Mission is Our Mission.” The content provided details on OPO service offerings in a bulleted, easily readable format and evoked thoughts of collaboration with strategically selected imagery.

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