Are you poised to get the most out of your most valuable resource – your people – through strategic communications and clear, consistent messaging, deployed through well-executed marketing?


  • Almost every organization recognizes its people as its most valuable resource. But many organizations face challenges in helping their employees understand and support the organization’s strategic goals. A one-way, broadcast model doesn’t work because it can’t achieve consensus and buy-in. Instead, ENC helps organizations institute three-way communications among internal stakeholders — organization to employees (or other groups), employees to organizations or between employees.
  • The three-way communications model is really a conversation. And that involves listening. ENC not only helps organizations get the word out to internal groups., but also help them get the word back in — so they can understand and act according to what employees are really thinking.
  • The exact form of internal campaigns depends entirely on who organizations are trying to reach and how the audience prefers to get the message. In some cases, that might be a microsite reinforced by social media. But in others, where an Internet-based approach isn’t practical, it might involve printed posters, a newsletter or face-to-face meetings. It all depends on what’s the best way to get internal groups engaged, involved and invested.
  • For DOD, ENC created eight communication campaigns for the Civilian Personnel Management Service that created awareness about mission-critical programs such as health and wellness, H1N1 prevention, military spouse employment and financial fitness. We successfully injected new flavor into existing messaging about topics that already saturated the media, creating less-generic, more-dynamic messaging and creative collateral to help DOD reach its target audiences. We created simple, yet elegant, websites that were easy for the client to update moving forward. Several groups within the agency have since expressed interest in adopting the design.

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