U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

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The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) invests in high-risk, high-value research and development in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. As a subcontractor to SRA, ENC provided EERE with public relations and media support, content development, and digital outreach.

ENC also worked with DOE’s digital team, EERE Communications, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to design, establish and launch DOE’s first ever office-level blog. ENC’s team managed all aspects of content development for the EERE Blog launch, including establishing an editorial calendar; drafting, editing, and publishing content; conducting internal stakeholder outreach; drafting press releases to raise awareness about the blog and the new EERE homepage; and writing and posting success stories written to appeal to diverse stakeholders, including energy entrepreneurs, manufacturers, researchers, and academia.

Overall, ENC contributed to writing and publishing more than 150 EERE Blog posts, with contributions from every technology office and bylines from top-level EERE leadership that, in some cases, attracted more than 2,000 page views. In addition to the EERE Blog, ENC helped increase EERE’s Facebook audience to more than 36,000, extending the reach of EERE to even more stakeholders and surpassing the audience numbers of several other agency-level Facebook pages. Shortly after launching the blog, ENC worked with DOE’s digital team to analyze the site’s metrics to identify ways to improve user experience. This initiative led to a restructured, topic-driven navigation system that helped increase average page views of blog content by more than 20%.

What We Did

Communications management
Stakeholder management
Content governance
Promotion project coordination
Communications planning
Strategic messaging
Stakeholder engagement
Public outreach
Executive communications
Brand assets
Blog writing
Graphic design
Promotion plan implementation
Public relations
Event support
Web architecture
Web design
Website content development
Web application and site programming
Stakeholder interviews