ENC makes strides for DC’s 2012 Walk MS

ENC makes strides for DC’s 2012 Walk MS

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Last weekend, several ENCers and friends took to the streets of Washington, D.C. to participate in the 2012 Walk MS to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The 5K walk took place around the National Mall. It was a beautiful day-we really lucked out on the weather.

Only a few weeks ago, a thought came to mind: wouldn’t it be great to take part in this event that would not only be fun, but more importantly, support and raise money to move one step closer to a world free of MS? With the event only a few weeks away, there wasn’t a lot of time to fundraise or find people who might walk to support the cause as well. The challenge was apparent: to raise as much money as possible and make this a team effort! The word was out…we formed a team, “Walk for the Cure,” and gained many generous supporters.

In the days leading up to the walk, the excitement grew as a group of nine girls (and a baby!) planned to meet in the wee hours of the morning to head over to the Mall. As our team arrived at the check-in site, we saw an overwhelming sea of orange, thousands of walkers and volunteers in orange shirts, sharing our excitement to be there. After a brief dance warm-up (yes, at 8 am), we were ready to go…and off we went!

As the team completed the walk, we noticed a woman sitting on a bench near the finish line. To every walker who passed, she said, “Thank you for walking for us.” This one sentence was the most meaningful of the day. It was a reminder that the small things in life, like participating in this walk, can really make a difference.

Beautiful sites, great teammates and friends, generous supporters and a terrific cause made it an excellent day! Our team raised about $2,000 in two weeks, which contributed to a grand total of $1.4 million for this year’s DC Walk MS.

Teamwork, passion and community and social responsibility are core values of ENC, and this is a great example of the how these values play into our everyday lives outside of the office. Until next year, we can continue to stay involved and keep that team spirit alive. GO TEAM!

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