Company value lessons from ‘The Princess Bride’

Company value lessons from ‘The Princess Bride’

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Inigo: “Buttercup is marrying Humperdink in little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape…”
Westley: “What are our assets?”
Inigo: “Your brains, Fezzik’s strength, my steel.”
Westley: “That’s it? Impossible.”

This snapshot from The Princess Bride demonstrates one of the many challenges and learning opportunities featured in the classic tale. In the ensuing scenes, we see the success of teamwork and creativity at its finest.

But how is this relevant to ENC? As Grandpa would say: “Wait, just wait,” I’m getting there.

ENC is a values-based organization, and values like creativity and teamwork helped shape our foundation. Our team embodies – and is encouraged by – this set of values, which also includes passion, excellence, continuous learning and a few others. Inspiration abounds and can be drawn from the least likely of places, even where Rodents of Unusual Size (ROUS) live.

Along with the creativity shown in the collaboration between Inigo, Westley, and Fezzik (and a cloak and a wheelbarrow to help accomplish their goals), we can learn lessons from them on an individual basis.

Inigo’s passion steers his life. Following his father’s murder, Inigo dedicates his entire life to the study of fencing to avenge his death and finding his killer, the infamous six-fingered man. Now, we don’t face anything so extreme here at ENC, but we can definitely draw on Inigo’s perseverance and enthusiasm to achieving his goals, especially when it takes a while (and in Inigo’s case, “a while” is 20 years).

At any given point in the story, Westley is a model of excellence and continuous learning. He’s a top-notch farm boy, a persuasive Dread Pirate Roberts, and he’s phenomenal with a sword. If that weren’t enough, he’s also a master of Iocane powder and he fully recovers from being “mostly dead” (with some help from Miracle Max). Westley shows us that we can overcome some pretty significant obstacles if we’re adaptable and willing to learn. So, when work seems like the Fire Swamp and throws a metaphorical ROUS our way, we can keep in mind that we’re well equipped with skills and expertise to see us through. And if our skills need some sharpening, it can be done.

Our heroes in The Princess Bride give us a fresh perspective and food for thought (mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, for the noggin, anyone?). ENC was founded on values to guide our work and efforts, and it’s the ongoing reflection of these values in our interactions with customers, partners and each other that continues to shape our agency and help make it great.

Inconceivable? Not at ENC.

Image courtesy Flickr user Tambako The Jaguar

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