ENC’s “Hero Dog” shines in training

ENC’s “Hero Dog” shines in training

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This summer, ENC Strategy joined in supporting Hero Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing service dogs to injured or disabled military veterans who have served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces. Hero Dogs trains these canine companions and matches them with their future veteran owners-at no cost to the veterans. To help this noble effort, we volunteered to sponsor a future “Hero Dog’s” training. The lucky scholarship recipient? Ulysses S. Grant-“Grant“- an energetic and adorable Black Labrador puppy.

Grant’s scholarship helps offset the cost of his training, which involves weekly classes during his first 16 months. He attends classes with his foster puppy raiser and goes on field trips with his trainers to work on his socialization, manners and skills in public. This is a critical period in Grant’s learning and development, and we’re excited to contribute so that he can serve a veteran whose service to our nation has been nothing short of heroic.

He is already proving to be a fearless and eager learner. With an endearing pup strut, Grant enters new venues with confidence and obeys commands he’s already mastered. He has impressed people at stores, public events-even at a doctor’s office and at work with his foster raiser. Grant’s discipline shines through at restaurants, too, where he successfully resists the temptation to beg for food. And our star student recently graduated from Puppy Kindergarten with glowing reviews.

We’re eager to see what’s in store for Grant. He shows a lot of promise and there’s no doubt that he’ll make a standout Hero Dog. Stay tuned for updates!

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