4 government IT blogs worth bookmarking

4 government IT blogs worth bookmarking

By Paul Lester

Let’s face it. Everybody has an opinion about everything. This is especially true of the blogosphere, where dialogue resembles a Wild West shootout rather than a high-minded exchange of ideas.  With all of these opinions, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which blogs that clearly provide value and which ones just add noise.

In the government IT and communications sector, there are several information sources that stand out from the crowd and bring order to the vast, untamed blogosphere. Here are just a few:

Why you should bookmark it:  Highly acclaimed journalist Christopher Dorobek has covered the government IT sector for well over a decade during his time at Federal Computer Week and Federal News Radio.  This experience gives Dorobek tremendous understanding of topics including digital government, big data, mobility, and procurement. He has since moved on to GovLoop, one of the leading social network sites for federal employees. Although Dorobek does not write every post (most are written by Emily Jarvis), he conducts frequent audio interviews with experts such as Frank Todisco of the Government Accountability Office and Anne Reed, former CIO of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Why you should bookmark it: For insight into emerging technology trends throughout the federal government, there’s no better source than GSA CIO Casey Coleman. GSA provides IT solutions for other agencies and is known for raising the bar when it comes to social media engagement within the federal government. Coleman gives readers a glimpse of what’s currently happening at agencies when it comes to technology and shares her thoughts on what’s on the horizon.

Why you should bookmark it: NextGov writer Joseph Marks keeps you posted on the latest developments in social media and government 2.0 initiatives throughout the federal government. Marks mixes in candid assessments of agency technology projects with a touch of humor in posts such as “Your Mama’s Data So Big…”

Why you should bookmark it: Although you won’t see a lot of engagement here, the U.S. Chief Information Officer and the Federal CIO Council’s blog is a good place to find out how agencies are working to close the technology gap between the public and private sectors. CIOs from throughout the federal government weigh in on their particular agency’s programs that aim to save taxpayers money and improve service delivery.

What do you think? Are there any blogs that you think should be added to the list above? What are your go-to sources of information for all-things government IT? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Maria Reyes-McDavis through Creative Commons

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