Market research + Outreach strategy = Big ROI

Market research + Outreach strategy = Big ROI

By Jessica Gabriel

In order for companies to raise awareness about the value their products and services provide customers – and ultimately increase sales – they need to communicate effectively using a wide range of available media and the importance of choosing wisely among them.

But amid a sluggish economy, companies don’t have the financial resources or the time to redeem themselves if their outreach efforts miss the mark. Now more than ever, communication should be targeted, strategic and backed with proven success metrics. Before burning through communication budgets, companies should determine which outlets would bring them the most return on investment in terms of both earned and paid media.

One way to do this is by purchasing research reports that can help identify media consumption habits of target audiences. For companies that sell their products or services to the federal government, one noteworthy report is the Federal Media and Marketing Study by Market Connections. Conducted over a one-year span, the report surveys the media habits of nearly 4,000 federal decision makers. The results of the study are placed into a web-based reporting tool so users can create custom reports by slicing and dicing demographic, job function and publication readership information.

Through careful interpretation and analysis of this data, we can determine exactly which media sources will enable our clients to get the most bang for their advertising buck instead of a scattershot approach that would leave little room in their budget for additional outreach activities.

Data also helps us improve a client’s public relations plans by identifying which media outlets are the go-to sources of information for their target audiences. We then develop pitches, stories and announcements targeting those channels, which help amplify our client’s message and solidify their reputation as a thought leader within the industry.

With seemingly endless communication options in the media landscape, companies can be overwhelmed to choose the right one. But a small investment in media research can yield tremendous results and enable companies to build awareness and increase exposure in the federal government sector.

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