How do you explain the benefits of using a government-wide acquisition contracting vehicle to federal agencies?


  • SEWP’s mission is to make procuring IT solutions faster and easier for federal agencies. To advance that mission, the SEWP Program Office needed to raise awareness for its contract vehicle. It needed to highlight the range of solutions and manufacturers represented on those vehicles. It needed to communicate the advantages it offered agencies, including rapid order processing and very low surcharges. And perhaps most importantly, it needed to show agency users and contracting officials how to expedite their procurements with online tools for finding solutions, requesting quotes and tracking orders.
  • ENC helped the program office address these challenges by conducting market research, establishing a strategic brand for SEWP and consulting on how to improve marketing efforts. We began by developing a strategic message that gave the program office a consistent way to describe the SEWP contracts and explain their value. Next, we developed a new visual identity for SEWP. That included an updated logo (based on SEWP’s traditional duck and soup bowl), a standard color palette and fonts for print and online uses. During more than five years and two contract renewals, we applied the SEWP brand to a wide range of communications, including exhibits, brochures, educational materials, trade show promotional campaigns, pull-up banners, giveaway items, partner signage, advertisements, banner ads and more. We also coordinated and managed trade shows, user conferences, partner events and other face-to-face marketing initiatives.
  • Now more people in government procurement recognize the SEWP brand and understand the excellent customer service and fast order processing and delivery it involves. It’s not just an acquisition contract — it’s an acquisition service. Recently, ENC received the finest compliment from NASA that any customer can offer — the SEWP Program Office awarded ENC a new one-year contract with four option years.

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