How do you design a brand that appeals to much-needed volunteers?


  • ENC was enthusiastic about working with the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center because its mission has a very direct human impact. As the nation’s largest research hospital, the Clinical Center accomplishes important goals, such as discovering new medicines and treatments. The organization needed to recruit healthy pediatric and adult volunteers for clinical research – an essential part of conducting scientifically valid medical studies.
  • To help its recruitment efforts, the Clinical Center needed a consistent brand for its communications in order to make sure potential participants heard and understood the importance of volunteering. It also needed an outreach plan that included budgets, timelines and resource needs to reach volunteers and other audience groups in an efficient, structured manner. ENC developed a new visual brand, strategic messaging, communications tools, templates and an extensive guidebook for using the new brand. All these resources ensure future communications remain consistent with the new brand.
  • As part of the branding program, ENC worked extensively with the Clinical Center to develop exhibits to communicate with adults and children. For the National Science Fair, we designed an exhibit that explained to children why research is important and how it works. Our challenge was to take a complex (and potentially scary) topic and present it in a way that held the attention of young children. We succeeded by turning the booth into a fun example of a research study  that measured kids’ food preferences. The ‘study’ captured ‘data’ on which foods the kids liked as they toured the booth. It also engaged kids online, where they could go to see the results of the ‘research’ and discover more information on clinical research. The exhibit engaged the children and got them using a computer to discover results.
  • The Clinical Center’s website is the primary way people learn about what it does. To improve the site’s ability to communicate the correct messaging, ENC helped the Clinical Centerdevelop a new architecture for its extensive website. We began by conducting a review of the existing site to identify gaps and inconsistencies. We sought to identify content that could be repurposed with the new messaging. Ultimately, we recommended an extensive reorganization of the site, as well as the development of new content. ENC provided a detailed roadmap for reorganizing the site, with suggested content sections, navigation, measurement and feedback tools.

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