When you start a new company, what’s the right approach from a communications standpoint? And how can you convey the importance of individual business units, or merged or acquired organizations, within the context of your larger corporate brand?


  • When the executive team members at Salient Federal Solutions started their company, they chose to work with ENC — before the company even launched. They had worked with our branding and strategy team before and knew they’d need to communicate very clearly as they implemented their strategy of building a leading provider of engineering and IT solutions through strategic acquisitions. Communicating effectively was very important for reaching both internal and external audience groups — the employees of acquired firms, existing customers, new clients and partners.
  • ENC supported Salient from the very beginning by developing a framework of strategic messaging and by developing all the assets a new company needs — business cards, slideshow presentation templates and even a corporate brochure. As the company grew, through acquisitions and increased sales, so did our support. ENC’s public relations team helped Salient gain recognition when the company was launched, as it acquired more companies and as it won new contracts. Our support resulted in consistent national media recognition, which built credibility with employees, investors, customers and prospects.
  • After the firm acquired SGIS, its first platform acquisition, ENC worked with Salient to carefully stage the transition from the existing SGIS brand to the new Salient brand. We developed a common visual identity that worked with interchangeable Salient and SGIS logos. This enabled Salient to ease the transition for SGIS employees and fulfill outstanding contractual obligations by temporarily managing dual branding and then smoothly retiring the SGIS identity.
  • ENC provided support for the company as it built a new website and began achieving several of its goals. When it came time to celebrate Salient’s first year in business in June 2011, ENC was there to handle everything from designing invitations for a formal anniversary event to ensuring media were on hand to cover the news. ENC also provided other collateral that showcased Salient’s work, and the event, attended by Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, was a success that gained the attention of local and national media.
  • ENC continues to support Salient by developing distinct messaging around each of the company’s business units, communicating unique ways each supports its customers. We also work with senior leadership to coordinate media outreach efforts.

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