Outreach campaign fuels visits to small business training site

Outreach campaign fuels visits to small business training site

By Joshua DeLung

As a busy entrepreneur or business owner, it’s not always easy to find answers you need to your small business questions.

The U.S. Small Business Administration‘s (SBA) Learning Center features self-paced online courses, videos, web chats and more to help you find what you’re looking for about a wide range of business topics. Starting or running a small business takes determination and hard work, but it also requires finding accurate, relevant information and resources to help you succeed. (Read more about the SBA’s suite of online tools.)

In ENC’s latest digital campaign work for the SBA, we promoted Learning Center resources to get the word out about the array of free online training the agency offers small business owners. Our efforts help drive web traffic to courses for targeted audiences including entrepreneurs older than 50,  young entrepreneurs, those looking to write a business plan, those interested in government contracting and more. Our campaign creative and social media efforts resulted in:

  • 30-percent increase overall in traffic to targeted content
  • 50-percent increase in retweets
  • Viral reach (potential audience) of more than 1.1 million online users
  • Targeted SBA Community blog content saw a whopping 1,214-percent increase in traffic

Our SBA digital campaigns continue to deliver results, not only for the agency but also for small business owners.  Stay tuned to see what we do next!

Previous ENC-led campaigns for included topics such as answering questions to help small business owners reach their 2013 goals, as well as targeting specific entrepreneur groups like veterans, women and more.

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Senior Director of Communication Services, specializes in strategy, public relations, writing/editing and social media.

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