Using social media to help small business owners achieve their goals in 2013

Using social media to help small business owners achieve their goals in 2013

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The start of a new year is a time to reflect back on our lives and determine the steps needed for improvement. For small business owners, this means identifying what succeeded in the previous year and creating goals to ensure long-term profitability and continued growth.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has a wide range of programs to help entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their businesses in the upcoming year. But how does the agency communicate this?

As we previously discussed, ENC Strategy develops digital outreach campaigns for SBA to promote agency resources, tools and information that benefit current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In our latest campaign, we asked small business owners to share their resolutions and goals for 2013 by commenting on SBA’s Facebook timeline and sending Tweets to @SBAGov using the hashtag #2013. Using a pre-set list of content that ENC developed, SBA’s social media team provided resources to help small business owners achieve their goals. This included content about writing business plans, marketing products and services, developing social media plans, and getting finances in order—just to name a few.

This strategy helped SBA engage with its core audience in new ways and ensured small business owners had the most useful information they needed. These efforts proved successful and fueled a 169% increase in visits to promoted content. People were also more likely to share this content, as evidenced by the 17% jump in average Twitter retweets.

Our SBA digital campaigns continue to deliver results, not only for the agency but also for small business owners.  We’re excited about our upcoming outreach projects for SBA and look forward to the year ahead. Stay tuned for updates!

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