Can you ensure that stakeholders understand your strategic direction, capabilities and overall value?


  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) needed to raise awareness for both its portfolio of capabilities and its achievements among a range of stakeholders. It was especially important to show USDA components how they could save time and money by tapping into the OCIO’s centralized services. And to show how the OCIO had effectively used a special appropriation by Congress to bolster the security of USDA networks.
  • ENC developed a consistent, strategic messaging that provided an understandable overview of the the OCIO’s capabilities as well as narratives describing its accomplishments. We used this messaging as a platform for a highly visual case study on the OCIO’s security efforts and for a comprehensive capabilities brochure.
  • The result is a set of strategic communications tools the OCIO can use to tell its story and showcase its results. It’s also a visual identity the OCIO can adapt across all its communications, including updates to its website.
  • ENC has rebuilt and redesigned the OCIO’s website to establish an effective Web presence that serves as the foundation of all communications, as well as a proactive platform for achieving the OCIO’s strategic goals.

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