Won’t you be my (online) neighbor?

Won’t you be my (online) neighbor?

By admin

True or False: If Mr. Rogers still welcomed viewers to his neighborhood, would he also have a blog?

Bonus question: If the rotary phone were still in production, would it have a Facebook page?

If you answered in the affirmative to these questions, bravo! If you reluctantly acknowledged with a grumble that yes, both of these scenarios would likely come to pass if social media existed during these golden days, you’re not alone. While many folks may prefer to live as though technology has not progressed, it comes to this: there’s no moving forward if you’re standing in the past. Fortunately, you’ll quickly come to find that balancing your online identity while maintaining your offline identity (retro as it may be) is easy and fun!

If facing the world of social media is an intimidating prospect, just remember that it’s an incredibly beneficial and modern approach to get connected and help market yourself (or your product or service). There are a few other ideas to keep in mind as you jump on the trolley to venture into this online neighborhood:

  • Ask around. Not sure which social networks are right for you? Ask your colleagues, friends or other business contacts which networks they use and why. Current users are the most valuable source of insight.
  • One thing at a time! There’s no need to sign up for every available social media platform in one day. Choose one and get familiar with it. Once you’re comfortable, continue exploring others.
  • Don’t be a stranger. After you’ve established yourself within a social network, check in daily to see what’s happening. Take a virtual walk around the block to be sure that you’re in the know.
  • Let the conversationalist within you shine. You don’t need that rotary phone for your voice to be heard! Engage in the networks that you’re a part of — share your valuable expertise and respond to what others are saying.
  • You’re still you. Maintaining your online persona doesn’t mean that you’re giving up any part of your life — you’re enhancing it! Limit the time you spend on your preferred social media sites to go about your days as you like.

Before you know it, you’ll be settled in your online communities and reaping the benefits of social media. From promoting a product or making connections for potential employment opportunities, the reach of these applications is incredible. So make it a snappy new day — get online and check out what social media can offer you.

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