Clarity in a complex world.

Content depends on context.

As marketing communications consultants, we help you crystallize the story that most concisely conveys how your knowledge and capabilities benefit your stakeholders.

The result is clarity—Clear intent driving a clear strategy to deliver a clear message with very clear impact.

ENC Capabilities

We draw on our expertise in these disciplines to deliver your story with impact.

Sales Enablement

We help your sales teams adjust to changes in the business environment, sell new solutions, and capture new types of opportunities.​

Change Management

We help your organization engage with stakeholders to communicate what, how, when, and most importantly, why things are changing.

ENC Expertise

We draw on our expertise in these disciplines to deliver your story with impact.

Complex Subject Matter

We help our clients communicate technical topics to non-technical (and technical) people.

Executive Outreach

We help executives engage with stakeholders and organizations engage with executives.

Government Marketing

We help contractors reach their customers. We help agencies reach their stakeholders.

What Our Clients Say

"ENC is a partner I trust and consider an extension of my team. They listen. And even as they delve into specifics, they are always focused on the larger strategic outcomes.

Ultimately, they delivered a new global strategic messaging story spanning multiple countries and cultures that generated excitement and ideas for new applications at Sodexo."

Looking for strategic communications, marketing, or branding support?