About ENC.

Our roots.

As a marketing director, our founder, Eva Neumann, engaged a wide variety of advertising and marketing agencies in order to acquire all the capabilities she needed.

Those agencies had one frustrating thing in common: They all kept assigning junior-level people to Eva’s account who didn’t know how technology companies sold to federal agencies or how the government ecosystem worked.

In that very large blind spot, Eva saw the opportunity that led to ENC.

A different type of agency

ENC Strategy (originally known as ENC Marketing & Communications) quickly became the go-to agency for technology companies selling complex solutions to the US Government.

Customers recognized ENC as a company that knew how technology worked and how to explain it to executives, decision-makers, and influencers. We also became known for our ability to communicate enterprise-wide change related to strategic planning, human capital, data center migration, cloud, and other initiatives.

Companies and agencies engage ENC because they don’t have to teach us their businesses, missions, solutions, or services before we can start helping them succeed. That’s because when you work with ENC, you work only with experienced people who are already up to speed.

Our history points to our future.

After more than 28 years and thousands of projects, we’ve broadened our client base to include technology companies, government contractors, associations, nonprofits, and government organizations. These range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations and cabinet-level agencies.

For all of our customers, we’re still focused on the original distinction that Eva envisioned. We help our clients make complexity clear so they can reach their stakeholders, tell their stories, and achieve their goals.  

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We customize solutions just for you—drawing as needed on these four capability areas.

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