Don’t Do Digital for Digital’s Sake

Wendy Matney Digital

It’s true – your company’s online presence matters.  And these days, it’s simply the cost of entry. Everyone must have a website and a composed digital footprint—whether that includes partner sites, distributed content, paid media, or another iteration of digital media—but what should that look like and how much do you need to invest? The potential upside is significant as it can provide immense scalability, cost benefits, and measurable performance. 

Trying to address digital in-house is often confined to limited resources, time, and focus. This is exacerbated with the daily deluge of fires to extinguish, the varying levels of experience available for support, as well as competing internal priorities—all of which could stifle even the most well-intentioned teams. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can bring just the nuanced perspective needed.

No matter if it’s done in-house or with an agency, if not done well, digital can cost you precious time and resources.

In finding a solution, it’s not only the internal factors that are a challenge. Externally, customers’ expectations around online interactions with brands are exceptionally high. In fact, a recent study conducted by Sprout Social revealed that consumers expect more transparency from brands online than they even expect from themselves. They want brands to be open, honest, and authentic. A digital presence enables that. The digital revolution has handed more power to the consumer than ever before through increased information and increased choices. It has also added to the nuance and complexity of consumer decision-making. How can your brand cut through such a wide, convoluted landscape?

There are countless digital solutions in a field that is constantly evolving and introducing new innovations. It’s a dynamic area. Then, of course, there can be other critical factors impacting the approach. Perhaps some of your executives have a preconceived notion of what is needed (and is that truly what your company needs?).

How do you balance competing considerations? With finite resources, how do you prioritize all options? How can your brand break through, make an impact, and do so within a realistic budget? And when is it time to hire an agency to support digital initiatives?

It all begins with taking a step back. The right agency will help walk you through the larger landscape first, addressing your business before looking specifically at digital:

  • What is your company trying to achieve?
  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • Where are you in your product, brand, and company lifecycle?
  • What are some initial challenges in the short term and how will this change over time?
  • What are your strengths that you want to build on?
  • What are your existing assets?  How can these be used or repurposed?

Assessing the big picture allows you to understand where digital fits in, so that you are not just doing digital for digital’s sake. It promotes the right kind of digital efforts and helps your marketing team reach targets at the right time. Through thoughtful research and audience development, the right approach becomes apparent.

Depending on where you are in your product and brand lifecycle, you may need an entire overhaul, or you might only need a refresh. It depends on your budget, your company’s long-term strategy, and many other factors. All these things require conversations, agreement, vision, and a customized approach to your business and your brand. 

In order to make smart decisions, mitigate risk, save time, spend resources wisely, and get everyone in your organization on the same page, it is critical to have a strategic assessment of your goals and resources. The right agency supports you both strategically and digitally so that you are getting a holistic approach to your business’ needs.

Don’t do digital for digital’s sake. Take the time to find the right agency that supports this approach with keen focus on resources and outcomes. Poised to truly engage with your customers, increase your efficiency, and optimize your business’ performance, you will soon start to recognize the rewards of a thoughtful plan.

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