Federal Agency, Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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ENC was awarded a prime contract by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a federal agency to establish an internal strategic communications campaign to create awareness and foster stakeholder support for the CIO’s comprehensive plan to modernize the agency’s IT infrastructure, processes, and service delivery model. ENC became a trusted adviser to the CIO, supporting broad communications efforts, including:

  • Developing briefings to obtain senior agency leadership buy-in
  • Designing, developing, and managing an interactive digital newsletter with a modern look and feel and user-focused content
  • Developing a modern visual identity for CIO communications
  • Designing innovative staff engagement activities (e.g., an organization-wide meeting with leadership panel discussion, a cybersecurity expo, an intranet redesign)
  • Developing graphic marketing campaigns to drive technology adoption
  • Identifying and implementing intranet improvements
  • Developing intranet content for priority initiatives
  • Developing communications templates and frameworks
  • Drafting executive talking points, emails, video scripts, and other communications assets

ENC’s communications efforts resulted in senior leadership approval of all major CIO priorities, as well as successfully obtaining approval and buy-in for initiatives supporting the strategic vision. Based on the success of CIO communications support, ENC was frequently tapped by other leaders and managers within the CIO organization to provide communications expertise to their projects and programs.

What We Did