Sodexo Global Government

Explaining Sodexo's Quality of Life services to government ministries and agencies.

Quality of Life may sound kind of “soft.” But it actually generates very hard, strategic advantages that help government organizations sustain readiness, balance trade-offs, and operate effectively.

ENC helped Sodexo explain the relevance of Quality of Life to cutting costs, lowering risk, supporting communities, and achieving missions, by:

  • Developing unified messaging that can be used all over the world for three Sodexo segments: Defense, Justice, and Agencies.
  • Designing infographics that make it easy to see how Sodexo services directly support different types of government operations.
  • Making messaging immediately actionable by delivering it in the form of collateral, web content, and sales resources.
  • Creating innovative resources for showcasing Sodexo’s Quality of Life capabilities during events, conferences, and individual sales conversations.