A Large Federal Agency


Supporting IT modernization programs.

The client:

A large federal agency

The work:

A large federal agency urgently needed to update its IT infrastructure, processes, and service delivery model. It recognized that effective communications were crucial to the success of its transformation initiatives.

ENC was awarded a prime contract by the CIO Organization (CIOO) and we worked directly with the CIO as trusted advisors to help:

  • Gain executive approval for its strategy.
  • Internal staff understand, anticipate, and accept the needed transformations.
  • Ensure that external customers were aware of upcoming impacts and that the CIOO was responding to their needs and concerns.
  • Develop and support the CIOO’s strategic plan.

To fulfill the requirements of our contract, ENC developed:

  • Communications plans for outreach promoting modernization initiatives.
  • A series of executive briefings to gain buy-in from senior agency leadership.
  • Briefings to explain strategy and plans to internal CIOO leaders and staff.
  • A new internal brand and visual identity for all CIOO communications.
  • A redesign for the CIOO’s departmental section on the agency’s intranet.
  • An interactive, digital newsletter to help keep stakeholders abreast of coming programs, changes, and impacts.
  • Innovative staff engagement activities, including an all-hands town hall and a cybersecurity expo.
  • Communications campaigns supporting the roll-outs of PIV cards, laptops, new applications, security processes, Microsoft Office 365, and other new procedures and technologies.
  • Intranet content that empowered stakeholders with up-to-date information and the ability to ask questions or express their concerns.
  • Templates and frameworks to help the CIOO staff communicate more easily and consistently.
  • Diagrams explaining new approaches, architectures, and technologies.
  • Executive talking points, emails, video scripts, and other assets.
  • A modern, consumable design for the CIOO’s strategic plan.

The outcome:

During our tenure ENC helped the CIOO:

  • Win executive approval for its overall modernization strategy and for component implementation programs.
  • Gain buy-in and create champions for change among internal staff.
  • Reassure external customers that they were being heard and communicate when they could expect positive change.
  • Establish a consistent voice and visual approach to communications.
  • Streamline and accelerate the production of communications.
  • Make technical issues and solutions understandable for non-technical decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Overcome several misunderstandings about technology that could have become major roadblocks to success.
  • Reconcile different perspectives about how to accomplish the CIOO’s goals.
  • Encourage compliance with new procedures and security protocols.
  • Accelerate the rollout of new applications and equipment.
  • Resolve challenges and issues that were hindering the agency’s mission.

The CIO organization promoted the PIV race on flatscreens and posters in high-traffic areas at multiple agency sites.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Government Marketing

Government Marketing

ENC Complex Subject Matter

Complex Subject Matter

ENC Executive Communications

Executive Communication

ENC Digital Transformation


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