A Global Fortune 100 Technology Company


Equipping sellers to navigate new sales conversations.

The client:

A Global Fortune 100 Technology Company

The work:

Our client’s company was confronting major changes among its customers. New decision-makers were pursuing longer-term transformation and business outcomes instead of making predictable product purchases.

As a result, the company’s salespeople needed to shift from taking orders to functioning as consultants in their accounts.

To help sellers navigate these changes and new types of customer conversations, ENC developed a sales win book and roll-out campaign:

  • The win book was formatted as a series of pocket-sized cards.
  • This small size enabled sellers to carry the win book with them and use it to prepare for meetings with customers.
  • Each card represented a sales play consisting of a detailed solution that addressed specific customer requirements.
  • An intro card explained how to select and run plays based on trigger phrases sellers might hear during sales conversations. This allowed sellers to navigate unfamiliar topics and sales situations by asking questions and gathering information.
  • The plays were not intended to substitute for sales knowledge or skills. They functioned as a set of transitional tools that helped sellers use their often considerable expertise and experience in new ways.
  • Our discovery process revealed that salespeople most often looked to their team leaders for information.
  • Sellers were likely to view direction from their team leaders as mandates. They would always prioritize such mandates over guidance from elsewhere in the company.
  • As a result, we developed a strategy to roll-out the win book by “cascading” it down through the sales leadership hierarchy.
  • We developed cascade kits to introduce the win book to senior leaders and equip them to introduce them to their direct reports.

The outcome:

ENC helped our client:

  • Address a major threat to the ongoing success of the company.
  • Kick off a long-term process of gentle “re-education” in a fun, engaging way.
  • Promote change in a way that aligned with the company’s culture and that sellers would accept.
  • Create content that eliminated any “fear factor” by providing a simple, easy way forward.
  • Enhanced the credibility of our direct client’s department by providing beneficial and technically accurate information.
  • Overcome resistance to change and new ways of doing things.
  • Show sellers that their skills and experience were valued, not being replaced.
  • Retain customer accounts that might otherwise have been lost.
  • Enable salespeople to find new, more relevant ways to make their customers successful.
  • Measurably contribute to the strategic direction and sustainability of the company.
Internal Rollout Campaign

Our discovery process determined that salespeople considered their own team leaders to be their most reliable information source.

We developed a cascade kit to recruit sales team leaders as champions for the win book and transform them into an effective communications channel for reaching more than 27,000 individual sellers.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Complex Subject Matter

Complex Subject Matter

ENC Executive Communications

Executive Outreach

ENC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

ENC Change Management

Change Management

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