MCR, Inc.


Giving the MCR brand a commanding edge.

The client:

MCR, Inc.

The work:

A lot changed for MCR over the course of three years. The once struggling federal contractor put itself on a strongly profitable and sustainable growth path by transforming its approach and capabilities.

As a result, the company urgently needed to replace its obsolete brand and communicate its new story to customers, partners, and potential employees.

ENC worked with MCR to develop a completely new brand that:

  • Fulfilled a strategic mandate from the board to refresh the company’s messaging and visual identity.
  • Met a three-month deadline for developing the brand and rolling it out internally.
  • Provides a full set of working tools for representing and telling the story of the company’s evolution.
  • Is designed to make consistent communications as easy as possible.
  • Unifies outreach and storytelling from the big picture down to the fine details.
  • Visually reflects the organizing principle of the company’s capabilities.
  • Is concise, clean, and tastefully colorful.
  • Includes a new color palette and typefaces.

ENC worked through four phases to develop the brand:

  • Discovery—Identifying goals, market positions, and stakeholder groups
  • Planning—Coordinating all elements of the launch
  • Creation—Designing assets, resources, processes, and campaigns
  • Launch—Rolling out the brand across the company

New brand deliverables included:

  • A new logo that symbolizes CommandEdge, the company’s key differentiator.
  • A library of logo formats for digital, office, and print applications.
  • New, modern colors and typefaces.
  • Strategic messaging that explains what CommandEdge is and how it shapes the company’s work.
  • A messaging and roll-out deck for explaining the new brand to the company’s employees.
  • A sales deck for explaining the brand to customers and other external stakeholders.
  • Infographics that depict the components of CommandEdge and how they work together to benefit customers.
  • A campaign plan for coordinating all roll-out activities.
  • Templates for data sheets, stationery, presentations, and press releases.
  • A business card template.
  • Email signatures and templates.
  • Recruitment assets.
  • Social media branding assets.
  • Updates to the existing website.
  • Leadership cascade emails for introducing the new brand.
  • Video backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • A brand style guide for using all of the above.

The outcome:

MCR  now has a brand that:

  • Represents the company’s long history as well as its current (and evolving) capabilities.
  • Represents a confident, capable, modern company—where customers will feel confident and employees want to work.
  • Helps customers understand how the company can help them.
  • Embodies all the things that make the company completely different from its competitors.
  • Reflects the pride employees have in the company.
  • Represents equity, diversity, and inclusion.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

ENC Change Management

Change Management

ENC Brand icon in gray

Brand Management

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