Recruiting top professionals to work for MCR.

The client:

MCR, Inc.

The work:

Because talent is an essential component of its brand and offerings, MCR is very strategic about how it recruits top candidates to work at the company.

ENC developed recruitment messaging and assets that:

  • Reinforce the important Talent component of MCR’s brand.
  • Are based on a candidate persona that is specifically oriented toward a particular class of professionals.
  • Include a recruitment-specific tagline.
  • Make a strong case with specific benefits that joining MCR offers unique opportunities for career development.
  • Embody MCR’s values and explains how they represent a key benefit of joining the company.
  • Answers candidate concerns about working in government-related positions.
  • Can be activated across different types of platforms and channels.

The outcome:

MCR can now:

  • Concisely summarize a compelling value proposition for joining the company.
  • Tell a consistent story across all of its recruitment efforts, platforms, and channels.
  • Equip its recruiters with powerful tools for persuading candidates.
  • Counter negative perceptions and argue that government positions offer unique opportunities for career advancement.
MCR CommandEdge Talent

Talent is one of the three integral components of CommandEdge, the approach that differentiates MCR.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Government Marketing

Government Marketing

ENC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

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