MCR, Inc.


Explaining why MCR is now a very different company.

The client:

MCR, Inc.

The work:

MCR needed to authentically engage government market customers, partners, and potential employees with the story of its new capabilities, wins, and spirit.

ENC worked very collaboratively with MCR to develop a new visual brand and strategic messaging that:

  • Reflects where and what the company is today.
  • Differentiates the company in three words.
  • Is completely based in the reality of actual expertise, capabilities, and past performance.
  • Reflects, rationalizes, and reinforces the MCR brand.
  • Is purpose-built to address the goals, fears, pain points, and objections of key decision-makers and influencers.
  • Positions the company’s CommandEdge approach as a real, disruptive differentiator.
  • Makes it easy to explain both what the company actually does and why its capabilities are critically relevant to customers.
  • Shows how the company offers compelling value and risk propositions that no competitor can match.
  • Clearly explains the components of the CommandEdge approach and how they work together to uniquely reduce delivery risk and enhance mission success.
  • Systematizes a portfolio of seemingly disparate capabilities within a framework that is sensible and easy to understand.
  • Emphasizes the strategic importance of analytics, talent, and productivity.

The outcome:

MCR now has strategic messaging that:

  • Unites its brand from the summary of the tagline at the top all the way down to consistent, detailed language in proposals.
  • Establishes CommandEdge as a high bar its competitors must match to win opportunities.
  • Arranges the company’s capabilities within the CommandEdge approach, giving each one a “home,” conveying how they work together, and making them easy to explain—both individually and contextually.
  • Seeds high-level win themes into the market.
  • Ghosts competitors’ disadvantages.
  • Encompasses the company’s legacy while transcending previous negative perceptions.
  • Makes it easy for employees to consistently champion the company by relating to what customers need.
  • Can readily be represented with visuals as well as with words, so it can support multiple consumption styles in different formats.
  • Empowers the entire process of winning business, from recruiting and marketing to business development, sales, and capture.
  • Is designed to be adaptable, flexible, and extensible as circumstances, challenges, and requirements evolve.
  • Positions the company as a powerful way for potential employees to fast-track their careers.

ENC delivered MCR’s messaging in both a sales presentation for external audiences and in a roll-out presentation for introducing the brand to employees.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

ENC Change Management

Change Management

ENC Brand icon in gray

Brand Management

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