The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)


Organizing and showcasing NACD's member benefits.

The client:

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)

The work:

NACD wanted to showcase the full scope of its offerings to both current and prospective members.

But NACD offers many benefits. It needed an engaging way to show everything it does without overwhelming directors with too much detail.

ENC developed an infographic that:

  • Aligns NACD’s benefits with the responsibilities of different board roles.
  • Makes it easy to immediately see how NACD supports each role.
  • Enables board members to self-identify and focus on the benefits that are most relevant to them.
  • Addresses all directors and executives whether they have one or multiple roles.
  • Visually manages the offerings in a playful, engaging style so that they are consumable and understandable.
  • Concisely describes each offering as an action with a relevant, beneficial outcome.
  • Is careful to depict diversity among board members.

The outcome:

NACD used the benefits infographic to communicate its value proposition across multiple channels and platforms, including:

  • Printed direct mailers
  • Magazine ads, inserts, and outside wrappers
  • Banner ads on the NACD and publication websites
  • A downloadable PDF on the NACD website
  • Social media images and posts
The original benefits infographic:

This original infographic was versioned for use in direct mail, social media images, magazine inserts, ads, and as a downloadable resource on the NACD website.

Other NACD infographics:

The following infographics summarize data from NACD’s annual survey of public company directors. They were versioned and repurposed in the same way as the benefits infographic.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Executive Communications

Executive Outreach

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