The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)


Consolidating and updating NACD's brand.

The client:

The work:

Since a refresh many years before, NACD’s brand had become very diffuse, with variations proliferating throughout the organization. At the same time, a new generation of NACD members emerged, comprising a far greater diversity of ages, cultures, and needs.

ENC partnered with NACD to refresh the brand with:

  • An updated logo as well as a logo lockup that incorporated a new tagline.
  • A new logo system that included a wide range of configurations, color versions, and file formats.
  • A logo system for NACD’s offerings, including publications and certifications.
  • Stationery and business cards.
  • Templates and guidance for ads, mailers, proposals, invoices, emails, email signatures, presentations, calls-to-action and other collateral elements.
  • Templates and guidance for digital banners and social media post images.
  • Guidance covering use of the NACD name, mission statement, tagline, elevator pitch, color palette, typography, brand voice, editorial style, images, product names, paper selection, and file-name conventions.
  • A one-page quick reference guide and a 36-page brand toolkit.

The outcome:

ENC developed a new, modern brand that:

  • Incorporated messaging, visuals, resources, tools, and clear guidance for use.
  • Aligned with the current business environment and the needs, perspectives, and tastes of a new generation of NACD members.
  • Moved away from a conservative and tactical look and tone to a more energetic and strategic approach.
  • Supported multiple consumption styles, relying on color, iconography, diagrams, and images as well as text to convey information.
  • Was designed to facilitate rapid consumption by NACD stakeholders who are typically very busy.
  • Was based on a consistent system for layout, typography, color, and imagery.
  • Would enable NACD to build effective frequency across its communication platforms and channels.
  • Equipped executives and staff to promote NACD strategically, consistently, and effectively.
  • Helped the organization promote a diverse set of benefits, capabilities, and services in a unified way.
  • Curtailed variation and eliminated noise within the organization’s own communications.
  • Properly and fully represented the value of NACD’s history, values, membership, advocacy, and member service.

ENC provided guidance for using the NACD brand as both a one-page reference and as a full style guide.

NACD Brand Quick Reference Guide
NACD Brand Toolkit

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