The US Small Business Administration (SBA)


Transforming to help small businesses succeed.

ENC helped the U.S. Small Business Administration turn its website into a platform for fulfilling its mission.

ENC redesigned the entire site to help make it as useful and usable as possible for small business owners.

The client:

US Small Business Administration (SBA)

The work:

ENC was responsible for overhauling, then maintaining and managing all aspects and components of the SBA website.

In this role, we managed overall strategy, web design, and content development.

To support SBA’s website, we:

  • Determined that the primary function of was to support small business owners and to help them create jobs. All other functions were secondary. This made it easy to give the site a clear focus.
  • Conducted research to determine what small business owners most urgently needed from the site. Their top priority was completing urgent tasks right away.
  • Refocused the design and architecture of to provide immediate access to resources for completing urgent tasks.
  • Updated, replaced, or removed content to focus on urgent tasks.
  • Edited text to convey substantive information in as few words as possible.
  • Supported multiple consumption styles with diagrams, videos, and audio, as well as text.
  • Designed a wizard tool to walk owners through the process of creating a business plan.
  • Developed an innovative menu system that showcases priority content.
  • Managed and implemented content and design updates on an ongoing basis.

The outcome:

ENC helped the SBA:

  • Consolidate its content for small business owners onto a single, streamlined site.
  • Align the site with the specific needs of its primary audience.
  • Orient content with the insight that most business owners visit the site to accomplish specific, urgent tasks.
  • Strike a workable balance between serving small business owners and showcasing the SBA’s organizations, programs, and achievements.
  • Demonstrate the SBA’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission.
  • Visually differentiate its site from those of other agencies.
  • Achieve high user satisfaction scores for a federal site of its type.

We summarized our results in a presentation to the SBA Administrator’s chief of staff (excerpt).

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