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Ensuring that Sodexo stands out at events.

The client:

Sodexo Global Government

The work:

Although Sodexo has much large-scale experience supporting defense organizations, the company was not well-known among newer NATO members. ENC worked with Sodexo Global Government to mount a highly visible presence at NATO’s annual defense conference in Kraków, Poland with:

  • New defense strategic messaging and a flagship brochure that explain why Sodexo Quality of Life services are essential to military readiness.
  • A presentation and talking points for a keynote address by the Sodexo Global Government CEO.
  • Digital signage that used dramatic images and a series of provocative questions to prompt engagement with conference attendees.
  • A series of short videos showcasing examples of Sodexo’s past performance.
  • An overview presentation that activates the strategic messaging as a powerful visual story.
  • A standalone web app that helped executives facilitate more productive customer meetings.

The outcome:

During the NATO defense conference, Sodexo Global Government:

  • Achieved major visibility with a successful keynote address by CEO Tony Leach.
  • Met and engaged with defense leaders from several countries with upcoming tender opportunities.
  • Scheduled a substantial number of appointments for follow-up meetings.
  • Made significant progress in changing perceptions of Quality of Life from “soft services” to capabilities that are essential to readiness.
  • Renewed and enhanced existing relationships with defense leaders.
  • Ensured that leaders understand that defense is a major commitment and business for Sodexo.
  • Built credibility by showcasing Sodexo’s past performance both at home and in-theatre.
  • Demonstrated how Sodexo provides a full range of integrated services that sustain missions while reducing costs and risk.

This web app helps executives use sales resources to facilitate more productive customer conversations.

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