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Showing how Sodexo supports defense organizations.

ENC developed a series of videos explaining why Quality of Life is essential to military readiness.

Sodexo French Armed Forces Video
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Video: Quality of Life services for the French Armed Forces.

Sodexo Capabilities Video
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Video: Quality of Life services at Colchester Garrison (UK).

Sodexo US Marine Corps Video
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Video: Fueling Quality of Life for the US Marine Corps.

The client:

Sodexo Global Government

The work:

Sodexo Global Government mounted a major presence at a NATO defense trade show and wanted to dynamically showcase its Quality of Life services.

ENC developed three short videos that:

  • Can be used in booth displays, during programs, and on the Sodexo Global Defense web page.
  • Communicate effectively without voice-overs (which would be impractical at an event).
  • Cover the full scope of the services and solutions Sodexo delivered in each location.
  • Are structured to convey an effective sense of the stories whether they are viewed in snippets or in their entirety.
  • Were built using only existing assets from Sodexo’s media library.
  • Are created with a replicable approach that will accelerate the production of future videos.
  • Are sensitive to issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Feature an inspiring music track, so they can be used as interstitials during conference programs.

The outcome:

Sodexo’s Global Government now has a library of videos that:

  • Bring Sodexo Global Government’s strategic messaging to life.
  • Align with collateral, sales, tools, and other marketing resources.
  • Position Global Government within the Sodexo corporate brand.
  • Show, rather than tell, what Sodexo can do.
  • Put a huge portfolio of capabilities into context.
  • Briefly summarize Sodexo’s qualifications to undertake major defense-related engagements.
  • Showcase Sodexo’s high-profile customers.
  • Convey customer satisfaction.
  • Reinforce Sodexo’s position as a dominant entity in this market.

ENC capabilities included:

ENC Government Marketing

Government Marketing

ENC Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

ENC Digital Transformation


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